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I am sorry that I do not have the time to write a proper blog post today. I have been working till 2am quite a number of nights in a row in order for our books to get sent to the printer before Christmas. Sadly this does not mean early January publication, as they are shut for a few weeks.

The following four books will most likely be released on the 4th of February:

Negi: 1.e4 vs. the Sicilian 1 (360 pages)

Flores Rios: Chess Structures – A Grandmaster Guide (464 pages)

Kotronias: Mar Del Plata 1 (320 pages)

Kotronias: Mar Del Plata 2 (300+ pages)

Furthermore we are preparing reprints of Playing the French, Grandmaster Preparation – Calculation (more about this next Monday) and of course the 10th anniversary hardback edition of Learn from the Legends.

Right now I am typesetting the first Kotronias book, which will be proof read from tomorrow morning. There is really some incredible chess in this book (which deals exclusively with the 9.Ne1 main line KID). One position I looked at a few moments ago was this one, arising after 25.Rxd7:

Here I will skip the details, but just give you the main line Vassilios has analysed:

25…Rg6!! 26.Bg1! Nxd7 27.Bb5 Rxa7 28.Qc2! Rb7 29.Bc6!? Rc7! 30.h3! Nxg2! 31.Qxg2 Qh6 32.Bb6 Nxb6 33.axb6 Rc8 34.b7 Rb8 35.Nd3 Rg5 36.Ra1 Rh5 37.Bd7! Rxb7 38.Be6† Kg7

Despite having played optimum moves in the last sequence, White is still struggling badly.

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  1. Wow, that’s really great. But really make sure you will soon get a time-out of this hard work!
    I’ am grateful and looking forward to the forthcoming titles…including the first ‘Playing 1.e4’- book by John- sorry…have to say this every time….

  2. Wow, I’m starting to drool 🙂 Another great line-up coming! 2015 hasn’t even started yet and I can already say it’ll be a great year 🙂

    I hope it’s not your habbit to make such long hours, because I doubt if it’s healthy… Please watch your health, because QC and we readers need you!

  3. @Ray
    Don’t worry! I have also been playing about 13 hours of tennis an average, keeping my physical form up! It is a bit like burning the candle in both ends, legs for tennis, head for QC. But as long as I do not have to drive any more people to the airport at 4.30am I am going to be fine. Soon comes Christmas and I will be off for a WHOLE week!

  4. @Ray

    And also Berg – both of which are excellent books in my view. But for me Sadler’s entire article was overshadowed by what he had to say about Bill Lombardy being (potentially) evicted from his home. Shocking. And not a whisper of this (so far as I have seen) on any chess website or in a publication before this.

  5. In the publication schedule there is a book titled Python Strategy by Tigran Petrosian. Is this by the actual world champion Tigran Petrosian and what is the book about? I can’t find any information on it and it’s slated for publication in Feburary.

  6. @Jacob is there a possibility in the future that there will be a GM Repertoire or GM guide books for the Nimzo-Indian and QGD from the Black perspective? Also an updated Berlin Wall book taking into account how theory has moved on since the first edition would be great as well!

  7. @Senchean

    The Petrosian book is indeed by the real World Champion. We will give more details in the New Year, but right now we are working to get 4 new books and 3 reprints to the printer.

  8. @James

    I would say Nimzo-Indian and QGD are very strong possibilities. Even likely.

    An updated Berlin is perhaps less likely, as so much of the book was about understanding, plans and standard endings – and all that still applies. But maybe John Cox is desperately keen on doing an update? I will ask him at the next 4ncl.

  9. @John

    I hardly remember it, but i think it was from Vasilios himself, a link leading to a side, maybe a blog by him. But really cant remember it excactly, and searching the internet for a blog or so didnt lead to success. But it WAS here. 🙂

  10. @John

    I hardly remember it, but i think it was from Vasilios himself, a link leading to a side, maybe a blog by him. But really cant remember it excactly, and searching the internet for a blog or so didnt lead to success. But it WAS here. 🙂

    It is about s line where he didnt feel confident for 100% and also gave another variation.

  11. Michael Bartlett

    Hi All,

    I have a question not-related to this topic.

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good book that explains the process and techniques behind creating passed pawns – both in the center and with different combinations of pawn structures in majorities vs minoroties? I have been told to study the games of Kramnik, and an contemplating getting “Kramnik: move by move” but wondered if there are any other texts that cover this. I have the Soltis book on Pawn Play but it mainly is concerned with structures. Any help would be much appreciated.

  12. @Thomas

    Yes, when we do a reprint with corrections it is our standard policy to make the “new stuff” freely available. Quite often it is added to our newsletter, and certainly to the following “Updates” page: http://www.qualitychess.co.uk/docs/16/updates/

    Usually in cbv and pgn rather than pdf. In the case of “Playing the French” the changes made were few and tiny (maybe 3 or 4 points) so it seems we did a decent job the first time around.

  13. @Jacob Aagaard
    I love you reportoire in the French. I had a variation of the Steinitz with 9.a3 Qa5 10.dxc5 Bxc5 11.Nd4 on the board. This is not given in your book, but I got a good position quickly after 11…Qb6 by just following the simple and logical plan outlined in the book (..a5, …b5, and …Ba6). I lost the game, but that was certainly not due to the opening. Great stuff!

  14. I really like your books but I’m wondering when the play 1.e4 books are due to be out. I know that there is a lot of anticipation for those books… Also, are there any news on which lines have been chosen for the project. I really hope to see the Italian game recommended, but maybe you are still sticking to the scotch.

  15. In the latest New In Chess there’s a Quality Chess advert which mentions a Semi-Slav book as coming soon, but I can’t find it on here. Am I missing something?

  16. @ejh

    No, it’s our website that’s missing something. We will have a Semi-Slav book on the way in the New Year, and we will add it to the “Coming Soon” list. But right now, getting other books to the printer is our focus.

  17. I just bought The Modern Tiger today. My first impression is very positive! I have played the Modern in the past (some 15 years ago) and this book really makes me want to take it up again, as a second weapon (next to the French and Slav of course). Over 500 pages on a supposedly ‘low-theory’ opening is pretty awsome 🙂

  18. @Ray
    It just shows that you can always keep on analysing. The first draft we saw was very much like the first book, carried by inspiration and optimism. I would have liked to publish it then, but Tiger changed direction and the book grew and grew… The final book is great of course, I just fear that some people are scared by it being a bit big. But hopefully they understand that they are just getting lots of extra analysis for their money :-).


  19. @Jacob Aagaard
    As far as I’m concerned: I really appreciate the extra analysis for my money 🙂 And I’m sure this is a must for all Modern aficionados. I think the reportoire is still manageable, since Tiger gives quite some choices for black, all games are completely given (so that adds quite some pages), and I’m following the earlier advice from you and Nikos to just enter the bold-faced moves in my database. I.m.o. thorough knowledge of theory is essential for the critical lines with f4, but not so much in many other lines (such as the Hippo).

  20. I really liked Negis first e4-book. In Februari there will be his next and the two Kotronias books on the Mar Del Plata, which is great! One of the most critical lines in the Mar Del Plata is 9.Ne1, Nd7 10.Be3, f5 11.f3, f4 12.Bf2, g5 13.Rc1. What is currently the best move for black here?

  21. @gramsci
    In earlier post Jacob said (if I remember correctly) that the volume on 1.e5 e5 is the last in the series, with estimated publication somewhere in the end of 2015. But that might be shifted to 2016, because the volume on the Najdorf has also been delayed vs. the original estimation?

  22. Hurry and get some copies to the US will ya? Just having a rib, Merry Christmas guys, and find an American printer already.

  23. Why are there no good chess books on the Semi-Tarrasch or the vienna variation of the queens gambit? I think both openings are hard to crack and are both quite logical.

  24. @Ray
    I think in this book and other “full game” books at times you need to abandon the main line and go for the main line given in the note where the player made a mistake…

  25. @gramsci
    First off we are trying to get through the next two volumes. Volumes 2 – The Sicilian 1 (6.Bg5 Najdorf) went to the printer Thursday and will be out 3rd February if all goes well and a good deal earlier on Forward Chess. 1.e4 e5 will indeed be the last volume in the series.

  26. @Jacob Aagaard

    I have to agree that the Semi-Tarrasch is a rather boring “standard” opening.
    But the Vienna is not. There are many sharp positions i the vienna.
    As an example:

    1.d4, Nf6 2.c4, e6 3.Nf3, d5 4.Nc3, dxc4 5.e4, Bb4 6. Bg5, c5 7.e5, cxd4 8. Qa4+, Nc6 9.0-0-0

    This is not boring.

  27. Approximately how many hours are needed to study the modern book ? (mainlines and ideas)
    I’m participating in the EICC in 9 weeks and haven’t yet decided on my defenses.

  28. @JJZG
    I believe that the number of hours partly depends on your strength. The stronger you are, the shorter time it will take. I played through all games and all variations in the Schandorff books Playing 1. d4 in a little less than two months using two hours a day on it in average. If you don’t want to go through all variations in the Modern you can probably do it a bit faster than me; I’m really looking forward to enjoying this book tomorrow night…

  29. @Jacob Aagaard
    I just saw the excerpts – they all look very promising to me. I can’t wait until february, fortunately I have Tiger’s book to get me through teh Christmas Holidays 🙂 Very nice in the excerpt of Kotronias Mar del Plata 9.Ne1 were his comments with the move …g5-g4!! about the judgment of the engines 🙂

  30. Some lines kicked out in the mar del plata II in the last minute?
    All 3 other books have the same number of pages as predicted. only the mentioned dropped from 300+ too 280. Its just an observation 😀

  31. @Chris

    No – no mass deletions (at least as far as I know). We had the first 3 books secured a while back, but the final page count of MdP2 at that time was an educated guess. Normally our books expand and expand, but this one did not.

  32. @pabstars

    Thanks for sharing your experience. The thing is that I will mainly focus on calculation and the endgame (from the grandmaster prep series), to be in good shape at the tournament. So not enough time to start studying a new opening with unfamiliar positions. Will stick to a reread of Cox’s Berlin Wall.

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