Limited Edition Hardcovers now available

We have, starting with The Cutting Edge 1, begun publishing limited edition hard cover copies. The are available in the Limited Edition section.

On Friday 9th, we will publish THE CUTTING EDGE 1 and THE ALTERMAN GAMBIT GUIDE. It will soon be available in chess shops all over Europe, and hopefully somewhere in the US as well.

Further down the line, our publishing schedule looks like this:

Boris Alterman The Alterman Gambit Guide – White Gambits 9 April
Milos Pavlovic The Cutting Edge: The Open Sicilian 1 9 April
Lars Schandorff Grandmaster Repertoire 7 – The Caro-Kann May
Lubomir Ftacnik Grandmaster Repertoire 6 – The Sicilian Defence May/June
John Shaw Quality Chess Puzzle Book May/June
Christian Bauer Play the Scandinavian June
Tibor Karolyi Karpov’s Strategic Wins: Volume 1 – 1961-1985 July
Tibor Karolyi Karpov’s Strategic Wins: Volume 2 – 1986 – 2009 July
Mihail Marin Grandmaster Repertoire 4 – The English Opening vol. 2 June/July
Mihail Marin Grandmaster Repertoire 5 – The English Opening vol. 3 June/July
Boris Alterman The Alterman Gambit Guide – White Gambits 9 April
Milos Pavlovic The Cutting Edge: The Open Sicilian 1 9 April
Lars Schandorff Grandmaster Repertoire 7 – The Caro-Kann May
Lubomir Ftacnik Grandmaster Repertoire 6 – The Sicilian Defence May/June
John Shaw Quality Chess Puzzle Book May/June
Christian Bauer Play the Scandinavian June
Tibor Karolyi Karpov’s Strategic Wins: Volume 1 – 1961-1985 July
Tibor Karolyi Karpov’s Strategic Wins: Volume 2 – 1986 – 2009 July
Mihail Marin Grandmaster Repertoire 4 – The English Opening vol. 2 June/July
Mihail Marin Grandmaster Repertoire 5 – The English Opening vol. 3 June/July

45 thoughts on “Limited Edition Hardcovers now available”

  1. Jacob Aagaard

    Not for us, but this is included in the price, so they are for the customer. Otherwise, yes, 5 euros per book for international shipping.

    There was an initial malfunction on the website, now fixed, and two customers, who were upgrading to hardcover books on softcovers they had already pre-ordered, were charged high amounts for postage. They did not notice this. We have contacted them both, I think, and will of course be issuing a refund for the amount they overpaid.

  2. Abramov Anjuhin

    about: Grandmaster Repertoire 6 – The Sicilian Defence by Lubomir Ftacnik

    If I remembered correctly Ftacnik will build Black repertoire on Scheweningen line … e6 and NOT … e5.

    Why did he do that? I’d like to play core move … e5 as genuine Najdorf and not classical Scheweningen when White chooses Be2 line.

    And by the way Jacob, since the price for hardcover is “hard” you should allow for all of us NON-CREDIT-CARD-HOLDERS that we buy hardcovers also trough NIGGEMANN, GERMANY.

    Why not? And they can sell it under price you give, after all there is around 15 euros pure profit at least.

    Can you upload pdf excerpt, we can not buy “on blind”!

    Thanks man 🙂

    PS KArpov’s books won’t have hardcovers?

  3. Guys, it was clearly stated that the only site selling hard-cover editions will be this one. And I fully understand Jacob & Co. I will upgrade my Cutting Edge 1 order tomorrow morning and also will pre-order the rest of GM repertoire in hard cover :). So if one wants to pay in another way I think the best way is to contact directly publishers and arrange this instead of posting in the blog.

  4. Jacob Aagaard

    Abramov. I am sorry, Ftacnik does not plan his book based on your wishes. If you have no credit card and no friends with one, there are things you cannot have. Such is the way of the world. You don’t have to order the books before excerpts are there. We are not going to decide how many hardcover we print until 2-3 days after the excerpts are online, and we will print at least 20 more than has been pre-ordered. Besides this, Milen is of course completely right.

  5. @Abramov:

    I read somewhere that there is something like a prepaid credit card. You fill it up with a certain amount of money. For shop owners the card behaves like a normal credit card. Maybe this would be an idea.

  6. Sigifredo Franco

    Jacob, Can you please let me know when I can preorder the two hardback books on the English opening by Marin?



  7. To Mr. Abramov–get a Paypal account.

    Instead of hardcovers, let’s concentrate on getting the books that are still “under construction” out. Maybe in 2016 when GM Repertoire 27 comes out, we can uncork the champagne bottle.

    Finally received the revised Attacking Manual 1–what an upgrade from a rather unreadable first edition.

  8. Dear Mr. Andrew Greet (or Jacob),

    I bought Attacking Manual 1 & 2 and Caro-Kann GM 7 but because the Caro book is only available in May, is it possible to exchange the GM 7 book that is not available yet, for the Grandmaster Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 volume 2 – by Boris Avrukh? (The 3 eur difference will be for shipping). I sent a mail to both with this message. My books are websale 121. Many thanks.

  9. Jacob Aagaard

    Contact Andrew directly about upgrades, replacements, refunds.

    Our webmaster says that we cannot take paypal. It will cost us much more than it will be worth. Sorry.

  10. Kostas Oreopoulos

    Can you comment about preordering? If one preoreders all books, when he will be charged? Now or when books are dispatched?

  11. Jacob Aagaard

    We for technical reasons have to charge at purchase.

    GM6 + Puzzles is the way it looks. GM7 will be ready sooner, and we don’t sit on openings books.

  12. Yes. We will have the hardcover editions tomorrow, I hope. Some have already been sent directly from the printer in Estonia last week (not something that is likely to happen again).

  13. Jacob,

    Can you tell me if Marin would consider translating the the following book to English? I was not sure where to post this question. I know that there are other projects pending but it is worth a shot asking 🙂

    The grandmaster Akiba Rubinschtein by Razuvaev & Murakhvery

  14. I do not think it makes sense to translate this old book. There are new books on Rubinstein which are just as good, as far as I know.

  15. Ponting is a Legend

    Can an except for GM7 (Najdorf) be also released together GM6? Sorry if asked earlier (cannot remember) but I remember it was said GM7 was finished the work–but is the editing almost finished too?

  16. We never sit on opening books, thus GM7 will come before GM6. Excerpts are released when the editing of the book is completed.

  17. I see that you are planning to release a hardcover editions of GM Rep1 and GM Rep3. May be there will be also hardcover edition of GM Rep2?! I just wanted to ask whether these new editions will be updated or they will be the same as the softcover ones.

  18. It is the same as the softcovers. We are simply reprinting, making it possible. I am going to make a blog post about it today or Monday.

  19. Abramov Anjuhin

    My post is perhaps not following the subject but I do hope that’s gonna be interesting for our readers!

    After pondering for a quite while after all I get the Jussupov’s books in original German language by his own publishing house. The quality of binding and paper make the decision, also a fact that he launched 6 books:

    a) Tigersprung auf DWZ 1500 / Band I & Band II
    b) Tigersprung auf DWZ 1800 / Band I & Band II
    c) Tigersprung auf DWZ 2100 / Band I & Band II

    Despite my Elo exceeds 2100 I bought all books in order to patch all holes in my knowledge.

    After all I want to be blessed with genuine Russian chess school knowledge.

    It’s best to work with books when you start in the given order 🙂

  20. The German books are in hardback and as we translate them, they are obviously out quicker. The advantages of our Yusupov-series are the langauge, some mistakes are eliminated and our typeset is nicer. If you German is better than your English, I would recommend the German books, if not, I would recommend ours.

  21. Just wondering if you could give more info on the upcoming GM 8 and so on.

    I was thinking, in the Sicilian , you are saying that you are giving a repertiore of “Anti-Sicilian” lines.

    In the upcoming GM 8 etc is there a chance that they may give systems agianst stuff like London, Torre and Tromp as is done in “Beating 1.d4” by Rizzitano.

  22. GM8 will be the Grunfeld. Later on we have plans for a KID 2-book project, 1.e4 four book project and lots of dreams. In the Cutting Edge series we have the Nimzo-Indian and the Slav/Semi-Slav on the drawing board, as well as the Najdorf.

    We will have a book on the Anti-Sicilians at the end of the year, but it will not be a GM Repertoire – it is not the spirit of the series to go anti at any point…

    Rizzitano does offer very reasonably lines against the sidelines after 1.d4 d5, and I think you would be fine using this as a starting point. Unfortunately his QGA repertoire loses almost by force in a lot of lines, some of them known already when the book came out. I was really puzzled at the time, as it is otherwise a nice book.

  23. I know it’s waaay too early for this but, where do I sign up for the limited edition of GM 8 the Grunfeld…. 🙂

    In other words… I can’t wait for this …

  24. Could you give us more information about the Scandinavian book by Bauer yet? Like about the variations covered, or even just how many pages it will be? Or is this still unknown? If it’s good I’ll definitely consider buying the limited edition hardcover version, but the book description doesn’t say much about the book yet. I can only see that the price is higher than, say, Pavlovic’s Cutting Edge book. Does this mean it will be more than those 168 pages?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  25. TMM,

    We are still a bit away from publishing Bauer’s Scandinavian book, so no final details, but it will concentrate on 2…Qxd5 and 3…Qa5. It will be longer than the first Cutting Edge. A wild guess is 250 pages.

    I certainly hope it’ll be good. Christian Bauer is an experienced author, rated 2600, and expert on the line in question, so the odds are in our favour.

  26. We can only dream. I think the only player of that caliber to ever write a serious opening tome was Morozevich. Incidentally, I was looking over the coverage in Avrukh’s book yesterday, and I was wondering about the following line:

    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nf3 Bg7 4. g3 0-0 5. Bg2 d6 6. 0-0 Nc6 7. Nc3 a6 8. Qd3 e5 9. dxe5 dxe5 10. Qxd8 Rxd8 11. Bg5 e4 12. Nd2 h6 13. Bxf6 Rxd2 14. Nxe4 Rxe2 15. b3!+= Avrukh

    I was analyzing this line last night, and it looks to me as though Black has good play 15…Nb4!?. The main ideas are that 16. a3 Nc2 17. Rad1 Bg4 is probably okay for Black. 17. Ra2 Bf5 18. Nc5 Rad8 also appears fine for Black. There are other moves of course, if anyone would like we can flesh them out as they come up.

  27. Abramov Anjuhin

    With GM Rep 1&2 by Avrukh we witnessed a great boost of popularity for 1d4, and a cover blurb states that proposed repertoire last for a lifetime!

    My question goes to Jacob and other my friends here on the blog. Is it recommendable to play both 1d4 and 1e4 with White using Avrukh’s books and Aagaards books which will come next year regarding 1e4 Repertoire. Or this is too much for an amateur player (2100++ Elo) like me.

    Besides, Jacob, will 1e4 Rep also last for a lifetime?

    Thanks to all you guys who will answer. 🙂

  28. I hope 1.e4 will last a lifetime – but probably only to equality! But yes, in the meaning that you can learn the repertoire, and you will only have to modify it, the lines are unlikely to be refuted.

    Looking at the Bauer stuff, I think it could be 300 pages, but maybe it is only 250. It is coming up soon on the agenda.

  29. russian core

    Jacob, when will Ftacnik GM Rep be out and how many pages will have.

    Can you upload excerpt?

  30. Jacob, can you tell us when the Caro-Kann repertoire will be out ? I’m eagerly waiting for it !
    By the way, congratulations and thanks for your attacking manual, which I have read with great pleasure. It is at the same time very thorough with a deep chess content, and very well-written, which makes the reading enoyable. It is rare enough to be mentioned !


  31. Jacob Aagaard

    Hi Pierre, thank you for liking my book! I am not sure if it will be the third or the fourth week of this month, regarding the Caro-Kann. It is done and off, but the physical process still has to happen.

  32. Milen Petrov

    Finally today (after quite a big delay maybe caused by the volcano) I received my hardcover copy of Cutting Edge 1. The first thing I want to say is that i am impressed by the bounding and for sure in the future I would prefer to order hard cover editions instead of softcover ones. Thank you guys for making this available!
    I was very curious what Milos Pavlovic had to say about my beloved Richter-Rauzer (chapter 4).
    At the moment this is the only chapter of the book which I checked in depth.
    To be honest I was slightly disappointed and here are my reasons for that:
    1) Line B2) misses coverage of a descent alternative for Black, namely 14…h5;
    2) Line B3) after 15…b4 16.Ne2 Pavlovic covers only 16…Qe5 which seems dubious to me. Instead 16…e5 gives Black good counter play according to my own analysis.
    3) I was surprised that Pavlovic simply does not cover the line 11.Kb1 b4 which avoids all this stuff connected with dangerous White’s ideas of Qe1-h4. Of course it may transpose to completely different lines, which according to Khalifman are slightly better for White, but again I do not agree with him.
    I am ready to share my own analysis with QC if they are interested in them.
    Apart from that Pavlovic provides a lot of novelties mainly for White which are quite interesting and some of them simply change the assessment of the line in question.
    My next steps would be work over Sveshnikov and Chinese Dragon chapters so I hope there I will find more new and challenging stuff.

  33. Jacob Aagaard

    Milos did not intent to cover everything. Instead he took lines considered topical and analysed them, noting down the new ideas he found. We are of course happy to see your analysis – send them to me – but I don’t think there is anything to be unhappy about with the book, just because you or someone else finds additional ideas. To believe that the author should anticipate this is not realistic, I think.

  34. Any idea (even a vague one! :P) on when we can expect the Cutting Edge 2 (which in my understanding should cover the Najdorf)?
    Liked vol 1 quite a lot 🙂

  35. Jacob Aagaard

    Hi Cri,

    Milos has begun his work just very recently. I think we will be in the early autumn before he finishes the book, when we will hope to get it through the process in 5-6 weeks.


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