2008 Olympiad book

Usually we use this blog to discuss our own books, as we do not want to be seen as discussing the competition in any way. However, at times we can make an exception. Today we received a few copies of the book OLYMPIAD UNITED about the 2008 Dresden Olympiad. It is big, as in many pages and a good deal bigger than A4. Besides this it is in hardback. The book is full of nice b/w photographs and annotations from many strong grandmasters, and other punters such as myself. (Our connection to this book is through one of the three authors, Harald Fietz, who has taken a lot of the excellent photos seen in our books.) This is a brilliant book in the tradition of San Luis 2005, Champions of the New Millennium and other books that offer high quality chess, on good paper and with lots of photos. Get your local chess shop on the phone now; 100s of other chess players are already in the know…

New posting planned for tomorrow.

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  1. Abramov Anjuhin

    Thanks for newsletter Jacob 🙂

    I do hope that you’ll equip with hardback the NIGGEMANN GERMANY also so that and I can have a hardbacks too!

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