Olympiad Quiz winners

Bogged down by work, we never got around to sharing pictures of the happy winners of the Olympiad Quiz and their winnings. Here they are, Piotr and Ferdo.



A majority of you were of the opinion that a maximum performance that would not have been a 2750 performance if you added a 2750 draw at the end of it, should not have counted. A third of you felt that the calculation, not the chess, is the deciding factor. It is one of those discussions that can never end, which is why we decided to split the prize.

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  1. @Peter
    Brawo Piotrek! Dobra robota! Teraz masz materiał do pracy na kilka następnych lat! 😉 🙂

    Nice collections! Where did you get if from? 😉 :). I am really jealous as your prize is AWESOME!

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