World Championship Match Quiz

Yet another top event, yet another chance to win a big pile of books. This time however, the prize will consist of books written by the late Mark Dvoretsky. You will not be disappointed.

The way to enter is to answer these 15 questions. We have tried to update our entry system this time around. Hope it works. Question 15 is first tie-breaker. If still a tie, question 14 is the second tie-breaker.

On question 8, please do not write, for example, 1.Na3 – write Na3.

Deadline is 1 hour before the first move in the first game on the 11th November.

The questions

All these questions relate to

the classical games. If you believe the match will end in a play-off, choose 13 in question two.

1. Who will be the next World Champion, Carlsen or Karjakin?

2. How many days of play will there be played in the match (7-13)?

3. Which classical game will be the first decisive game (0=no decisive games)?

4. Will any game reach a position with Mate in 3 moves on the board?

5. How many pawns will be promoted?

6. Will any official complaints be filed by either player?

7. How many en-passants will there be?

8. Which first move by White will be played in the first decisive game?

9. How many draws in 30 moves or less will there be?

10. How many decisive games over 60 moves will there be?

11. How many wins for White?

12. How many wins for Black?

13. How many games will end with both queens on the board?

14. How many moves will be played in the shortest game?

15. How many moves will be played in the longest game?

10 thoughts on “World Championship Match Quiz”

  1. I have never taken part in your competitions. However this time the questions are really easy ones (I think for 99% of players), because there is no need to check out and calculate the options. Thank you very much for your competition. If I win the prize I will be extremally happy chess patzer! :). I love Mark Dvoretsky’s book and it will be the best chess prize I have ever won!

    BTW. Jacob! You and your chess books were praised by legendary Mark Dvoretsky! I think you deserved the recognition due to your attitude and hard work! When I earn a bit more money I will buy all your chess series of GP (Thinking Inside the Box, included).

  2. The first question is a bit unclear. Though I believe, in our Kigdom we have the right King now and his change in reign would be bitter disappointment to me, still somebody in the future will be “the next”.

  3. @wlk1977
    We could have phrased it as the 2016 World Champion. But if you hear Anand talking about the World Championship, he talks about winning it repeatedly. As we stopped having draw odds in these matches, it no longer makes much technical sense to talk about the titles being defended. It is a left-over.

  4. Today is the deadline. This quiz ends 17:00-18:00 Central European Standard Time.

    (The official schedule does not mention the starting time. Ticket sales, say ‘show 1:30pm’, which is 19:30 CEST)

  5. I really want to participate, however, without knowing the draw of colors it is really difficult to answer question 3.

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