Vlog 6 – Two Endgames from the World Championship

The pgn file can be downloaded here.

10 thoughts on “Vlog 6 – Two Endgames from the World Championship”

  1. Thanks Jacob and the QC team for this new temptation to waste another half an hour per week.
    Our lives have become hijacked by crap.

    At least I have a bunch of QC ‘books’ to spend my quality time with.

  2. Recently read ‘Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products’ and looks like QC has incorporated some of it into their marketing strategy

  3. Thanks for those Vlogs Jacob and Nikos, very interesting stuff.
    I was puzzled indeed about many GMs commentators considering Qb3 completely winning for White, while it felt at least very complicated to convert the advantage in those endings.

    It appeared evident as well from some press conferences that usually Carlsen was out calculating Karjakin quite often, though that didn’t translate into much during the classical games.

    It seems strange to me that you Jacob don’t feel interested in Carlsen play, I imagined that, at least professionally as a great teacher, you would be curious about the building up of one of the best players ever in our sport.
    Maybe you could elaborate a bit on that point, I’ve probably misinterpreted.

  4. @Jacob re @Capodoglio, I think C means that part of your Vlogs where you said (paraphrasing) Carlsen’s games/chess does interest you as much and you go on to say you think Carlsen is not as interested in chess.
    Just trying to assist in communication (hopefully not further muddying the waters)) and admittedly I was intrigued by the comments as well.

  5. I think Carlsen has lost a lot of his motivation for chess. He does not feel challenged. That might have been what I was saying?

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