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In the recent Mitropa Cup Sabino Brunello seemed on his way to make his final GM-norm, but for some reason Italy did not field the strongest team in the 8th round, and Brunello was elevated from the 3rd to the 2nd board, and for this reason did not play a third grandmaster, which he would have done on board 3.

Either way, he won his games, beating a 2575, 2525 and 2550 player in the last three rounds. His performance in 2009 (39 games – 31.5 points) is now 2652. His elo is set to be 2550 on the next list, overtaking Michele Godena and becoming Italy’s number two, after Caruana.

But most importantly, his book Attacking the Spanish, is set to be out early in July. The editing is basically at an end and typesetting has begun. With the three weeks of turnover at the printer, we hope that the book will be out five weeks from now. We think it is really really good, but this will of course be for the critiques and readers to decide.


2 thoughts on “More Sabino Brunello”

  1. Abramov Anjuhin

    Well this is a very good news, but you haven’t mentioned KING’S GAMBIT!

    It won’t be published this year, will it?

  2. The King’s Gambit will be published this year. The best estimate I can give is September or October.

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