Publishing Schedule for Summer 2009

Tuesday we finally changed website provider, giving us a chance to change some information on the site that had grown old – as for example expected publishing dates.

This also brings about the chance for creating a newsletter again, something we have been missing for a while. We would use this to announce our new books a few weeks before publication mainly, so I have created this new category on the blog to keep the readers up to date with out progress.

At the moment we have fixed dates on Frage der Moderne Schachteori and Grossmeister Repertoire 1 – Band Eins, translations of the books published in English by Lipnitsky and Avrukh, now spelled Lipnitzky and Awruch. We will have the books in our warehouse on the 24th of June. There is a slight delay at the printer because of summer catalouges, so this is the fastest they could do.

However, they hope to be ready to print our soon forthcoming titles in English faster. We are talking about Build up Your Chess 3 by Artur Yusupov and Attacking the Spanish by Sabino Brunello first of all. I think these will be out 2 weeks later, meaning the 8th of July – but I want to stress that this is not final by any means.

Later in the summer we will finish the following books:

(I will be revising the dates as we go along. These are not promises in any way!)

Mihail Marin: GM Repertoire 3 – The English Opening vol. 1

This book is basically written. I have been going over the manuscript and Mihail wants to add some new games to the book that he played over the last few weeks. Marin’s English is becoming very fluent and the corrections needed by the editors will be minimal. I am hoping we can prepare this book for printing in 3 weeks time already!

The book looks absolutely fantastic. Those who thing Avrukh started the series on a high level will not be disappointed.

Estimated publication date 22nd July

Volume 2 will be out in September or October.

Ftacnik, Kopec and Browne: Champions of the New Millennium

We have put a lot of work into this book. It will be big. I have typeset 8 chapters of the 18. John has finished the final editing in a few hours. The book will be typeset next week somewhere, will then go to proofreading and the printer.

Estimated publication date 22nd July

Tibor Karolyi: Genius in the Background

This is a profoundly different book, very interesting to edit and read. I am not sure it will be the most commercial of our books, but we don’t choose our books based on expected profits, but on what we want to work with.

Estimated publication date 29th July – but this is probably too optimistic 🙁

Jacob Aagaard: Attacking Manual 2

I am about 250 pages into AM2 and it keeps growing. So far it is 250 pages.The final book will be 6 chapters and 50 exercises. AM1 will be re-typeset and re-issued, with 3 extra games. The first book was ugly, but the content is worth saving.

Estimated publication date for both – September 2009

Boris Avrukh: GM Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 volume 2

Boris is quite far in the work on this book. It is bad news for supporters of bad gambits and has the same number of new ideas as in the first edition.

Estimated publication date – September 2009

35 thoughts on “Publishing Schedule for Summer 2009”

  1. Jacob,

    Two questions regarding two books on your publication schedule:

    1) For those of us who have purchased AM1, can we get a wholesale discount (or more) on the second edition? Why? Because the layout is a mess, there are many typos, and we already paid our money. I’m not saying that we get the second edition for free, but “at cost.” There is precedent to this practice: Thinkers’ Press published a book on the Colle last year, and it had so many typos that the publisher reissued the book and gave the second edition away for free. I think the book’s name was Zuke’Em (for the Colle Zuckertort system).

    2) What percentage of the “Genius in the Background” book is about training, and what percentage is about other stuff?

    Howard Goldowsky

  2. Howard,

    1) I think that one-price-for-those-who-bought-AM1-another-price-for-others is not something we would do. I know the first edition had layout problems and since you already have that, you would be unlikely to want to buy the second edition of the same book, but your method would be tough for us to arrange. Anyway, I hope you like the look of Attacking Manual 2, which of course is a completely new book, and not to be confused with the second edition of Attacking Manual 1.

    2) “Genius in the Background”: I think about one third of it is about chess trainers, but maybe not directly about training. The focus is on the people, so it will not just be a “How to Train” book.

  3. Boris,

    I don’t think that book ever was officially announced with a publication date. We will announce details when we have solid information, so that any dates will be reliable.

  4. Jacob Aagaard

    The publishing schedule only looks so far into the future, while the coming soon section includes all our programmed books.

  5. Neil Sullivan


    What about Reggio Emilia 2007/2008? Perhaps I misread, but I thought I had seen a 2009 date for this book.

  6. Jacob Aagaard

    Yes, this is due out in September/October. I must have lost my concentration – I will add it in next time.

    All the books in the coming soon session should be out in 2009.

  7. I know it has not been officially announced, but heard mention somewhere of a “Grandmaster Repertoire – Nimzo/QID”, presumably by Aagaard. Is this still likely? Perhaps next year?

  8. Jacob Aagaard

    Not likely, no. 1.e4 is in the stars for me. We have a general QID book planned for next year, but it is too early to go into any specifics. Things have a tendency to change…

  9. Just a query on Marin’s forthcoming English book. I note that the cover indictes that the book is based on 1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 and yet I note that Marin has recently been playing 1.c4 e5 2.g3. If the book cover is right, do you know why Marin seems to be switching away from 2.Nc3?

  10. @Matthew

    The publicity photo of the cover is not correct. Marin favours (in the book’s repertoire and his own play) 1.c4 e5 2.g3. The “real” cover of the book shows the position after 1.c4 e5.

  11. @Atticus


    We have no plans to do a 3rd Edition of Experts. If you go for the 2nd Edition then I would recommend checking the lines with an up-to-date database. Sicilian theory tends to change rapidly, so there will be relevant new games and ideas to consider.

    Also, Jacob Aagaard will write a GM Repertoire on 1.e4 that will include attacking the Sicilian with 2.Nf3 and 3.d4. However, that is at least a year away.

  12. I have purchased Grandmaster Repertoire 2: 1.d4 from, but Amazon has said that my order has not shipped after seven weeks because the book is back-ordered (I ordered on 5 June). Has QualityChess released enough copies so that I will receive my order soon? Thank you.

  13. @Nic


    GM Repertoire 2 has not been released yet, because Boris Avrukh is still writing the final parts of it. We predict that it will reach the US in October.

    There is an issue with Amazon (which is of course outside our control) selling books that don’t yet exist.

  14. It is strange that now they tell me that my order should arrive in mid-August. Is there some miscommunications between Amazon and the publishing companies?

  15. Nic,

    We predict the USCF will have GM Repertoire 2 in October. So Amazon would likely be a bit later than that.

    I am not sure where Amazon are getting their date from, but it is not from us.

  16. What is your estimate as to when Grandmaster Repertoire 6 – The Caro-Kann by Lars Schandorff is likely to be out?

  17. Lyndell,

    I think it’s too early to give a good estimate or even a decent guess: Lars is still at a fairly early stage in the process. I will update when I have a better idea.

  18. Hi Guys,

    Great job on your many books (Rogozenko, Avruk, Yusupov, Dearing, Schandorff, etc). Truly great stuff.

    I have questions on the repertoires of 2 upcoming books(I know it may be early, but had to ask).

    1) Ftacnik’s book on the Sicilian. Will that feature …e6 or …e5 setups vs 6.Be3 and 6.Be2?

    2) Schandorff’s book on the Caro. Will that feature 4…Nd7 or 4…Bf5 in the main line, and will it have 3…Bf5 vs the advance? And what will be the line vs the Panov?

    Looking forward to purchasing these and many of your other new books. Keep up the great work!

  19. Hi David,

    I’m glad you like our books.

    Re you questions:

    1) Lubo Ftacnik is still analysing and writing, but he is hoping to mention both …e6 and …e5 systems. As you said, it is still early so there are no guarantees what will end up in the book.

    2) Lars Schandorff plans to cover 4…Bf5 in the main line and 3…Bf5 against the Advance. I think more details than that may have to wait a while.

  20. I just wonder whether it would be possible if there is a free space in the Volume 2 of Avrukh’s work as an addition the addendum to be published in a book format for the additions which are already published in PGN format on your site. I also found some missing lines for Black in Catalan. I can send them in a private message to Jacob.

  21. @Martin


    Marin’s repertoire in his first volume covers 1.c4 e5 2.g3. In fact, Mihail likes to play 2.g3 against almost all Black’s replies to 1.c4.

  22. Is there an expected release date for Marin’s book ? July 22 came and went and no book :(, I need that book… And when will Amazon *really* get it?

  23. chessbibliophile

    Dear friends,
    I had a look at the catalogue.I think Pinski’s book on the Benko deserves a second edition. I have only one suggestion for the author. This year UltraCorr.3, Harding’s CC database is going to be released. I would like Mr.Pinski to see if any TN from there could be used for his book.There is a lively interest in the gambit.My recent survey of books on the Benko on the website, fetched more than 1750 views and quite a few comments.

  24. I eagerly await Avrukh’s second edition, as the first was amazing, but I have one idea / request, however audacious it might be:

    Is it possible to add in the updates Avrukh did after the book on missing lines into the second as part of an intro, or something like that? It seems more beneficial to all readers to have the variations put forth in print somewhere, instead of in a PGN on your website. It also makes both volumes more “complete”. How you’d deal with the additions to the second volume, I have no idea! 🙂


  25. Angel,

    I am about two thirds of the way through editing Marin’s 1.c4 e5 book. In fact, yesterday Mihail sent me new analysis of a game he won about a week ago. So, when it’s printed in a week or two it will be up-to-date material. I don’t know when exactly Amazon will have it. Depending on where you are, your local chess shop (if you have such a thing) may have the book first.


    Jacob and I were discussing updating Pinski’s Benko book the other day, and deciding it was a good idea.


    I am not sure about that idea. I think it would make the second volume rather messy looking. Also, by putting updates on the website we supply them free of charge rather than asking someone who has bought a book to pay more money.

  26. Since you have hinted that a GM Repertoire KID is on the cards, I am still holding out hopes for a GM Repertoire Nimzo. Since you already have a general QID book, perhaps a GM Repertoire Nimzo/Tartokower might be interesting.

  27. It would really be helpful to have an updated publishing schedule. Especially for AM2 and the GM repertoire series. I liked the first volume a lot.

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