Quiz – The Winner

We have had the answers to the Quiz, and now is the time to officially announce the winner. Congratulations to “J.A. Topfke”!

Thanks to everyone who took part, and commiserations in particular to “RAP” who, as he mentioned in this comment, missed out on winning by one move. He was level on points, with the tiebreaker being how many moves the longest game would be. 94 was correct. 86 said RAP; 87 said J.A. Topfke.

The potential confusion of whether Magnus appealing to reduce a fine counted as an official complaint (I say no) luckily had no impact on the top places, however you interpreted it. We would have the same winner even if “yes” was accepted as the correct answer.

We did receive an email from our winner “J.A. Topfke” (using his real name) and we did reply, but we doubt our reply was safely received, as an automatic error message arrived here. So hello J.A.! We are not ignoring you; you just seem to have a lot of email problems. We do have a name and delivery address, so all should be well in sending you the prize – books written by the late Mark Dvoretsky. J.A., if you wish to get in touch, then maybe your email is fixable, or you can leave a comment on the blog.

4 thoughts on “Quiz – The Winner”

  1. Thanks for shipping the books!

    I don’t know what the problem with my e-mail is. It must be Russian hackers trying to influence the outcome of the World Championship Quiz.

  2. @johnnyboy
    johnnyboy, I may not have won the popular vote, but I won tiebreak in a landslide, 87 to 86. This was clearly a mandate from the alt-chess community.

    I don’t know what I did. I was shocked that I won. I found five dollars on the ground yesterday. I just have some good karma going for me right now.

    I would say that I never win these things, but the truth is I won a prize during the Anand-Gelfand World Championship match for answering the question, “What was Tigran Petrosian’s nickname?” I won a poster and a Russian book of photographs of Botvinnik. The package I received though was totally mauled, no doubt from our friendly handlers at the Department of Homeland Security.

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