16 thoughts on “Vlog 7 – Two Bishops vs Rook Endgame at the World Championship”

  1. I like the video. And good to hear you’re working on Technical Decision Making :-). Can you give us a hint when it will be published?

  2. Sorry Thomas. We will get the PGN up, hopefully this will make it easier to follow. It did go a bit fast, which is the speed Boris and I normally work at together. Basically, I try to keep up…

  3. Dear Jacob

    I know you are heading for perfect videos and these are my suggestions:

    1) Plan what you are going to share with others.
    2) Use various methods of explanation – especially arrows and highlighting the squares are useful things!
    3) Try to ask the people you are working with to speak VERY clear English.
    4) Make conclusions every small part of material
    5) Ask your guests to increase the volume of sound/voice.

    I really like the chess videos, but please take notice you set up the bar of QUALITY CHESS so high… that now you have to work hard in this area to reach it! I know it is much easier said than done, but this way you can encourage people to watch these videos. Otherwise it is a waste of precious time – simply because there are tons of valuable chess videos all over the Internet (and even more and more of these are free of charge).

    I hope it was a positive feedback (even if it may sound like harsh, but constructive criticism). Good luck next videos!

    Thank you for your work! I appreciate it! Remember – practice makes perfect 😉 🙂

  4. @alpine
    Well, I partly agree with Hard Truther, in the sense that it takes more time to watch the vlogs than to read a written post. For example, I won’t watch these vlogs on my work, whereas I did use to read a blog post every now and then. So whereas I do like the vogs content wise, I also hope QC will continue with written posts as well.

  5. I do find the written medium superior, but everything does not have to be top class. We do these things for free and do not want to spend too much time on them. And yes, there will be lots of written stuff as well. When you do something new, it takes a bit of extra effort, but once it is under control, we simply have more ways to express iurselves. The key idea is of course to have guests. We have five lined up so far, very diverse ones, so hopefully it will be fun.

  6. I thought this was excellent. I even liked the speed, which seemed about right to me, although obviously that varies depending on whether you’re a native-speaker of English and chess level. I really have no suggestions, except do more like this!

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