Four types of Decisions

Nikos was recently in Glasgow, so we recorded a few short videos where we are bullying each other and talking about the four different types of decisions we make while playing chess and how we can train them. Incidentally, I have a column in American Chess Magazine based on the same idea. Obviously I also talk about it and a lot of other things in Thinking Inside the Box, which has been out in paperback for a little while now.

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  1. It’s been excellent to study all your books.

    I like your idea of four types of decisions, although I came across page 135 in strategic play and thought about the comparison to the three questions in positional play. It looks quite similar, although regarding strategic chess and piece play it is mentioned that it is necessary to have a vision for all our pieces, compared to the least active piece in positional play. Doesn’t it make it easier to use the three questions mentioned on p. 135 for both books as a vision may alsopoint out a least active piece? It may be a formality in practice, but I am well aware that you are strict on terms as strategic and positional chess. Thanks in advance,

  2. The first point is of course that anything that will help you make better decisions is “best practice” and that this is not necessarily the same for each person. There is a big overlap, but finding your own way will always be a part of improving in chess.

    The second point is that the difference between positional and strategic may be different for each player, although this is more pronounced in the difference between critical moments and strategic decisions, where some players may be expected to solve a position, while others may be better off coming with a qualified guess.

    The book Strategic Play is quite clear on one point: the positions are mainly more difficult than Positional Play rather than strictly strategic in that sense.

    I absolutely think it is a disservice to the understanding of the game when people say that strategic and positional aspects are one and the same. But we should not imagine an iron wall between them either…

  3. That “student” got a few questions wrong in the video and needs some remedial work. I propose a lengthy stay in the dungeon with John Shaw. He will be allowed out when he completes a White repertoire book with 1.d4 to complement his Black repertoire books. Only rations of bread and water should be provided as an extra incentive to complete the book.

    Looking forward to the rest of the videos in the series – great work.!

  4. Jacob, will QualityChess books ever appear in Chessable? I am training in that format and am enjoying the spaced repetition. It seems NewInChess and ThinkersPub have started selling books there but not the other major brands.

    I ask because I am interested in this (GM Prep) 6 part series.

    thanks, H

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