The Internet discerns Jacob’s taste…

These algorithms online really know me. A guitar tool, a great chess book and how to play Black Sabbath…

9 thoughts on “The Internet discerns Jacob’s taste…”

  1. Matt Fletcher

    Just spent a few minutes on the Scrabble thing – amongst Grandmasters, Dzindzichashvili comes out on top with 47 points, alongside Gonzalez-Quevedo (assuming you count both parts of his surname). Wojtkiewicz shares the bronze with Zlochevskij on 39 (though there might be a stewards’ enquiry on including the j).

    Praggnanandhaa and Nepomniatchchi both have long names, but moderate scores – I make it 22 and 28 respectively.

    Wooden spoon goes to Wesley So, with just two one-point letters. Mikhail Tal is amongst those scoring 3.

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