Trekking towards the title

This summer I had the pleasure to host IM Stany from India at my summer camp in Glasgow. He is a strong and upcoming player in his mid-20s. He found a lot of nice tricks in the exercises and I quickly gave him the nickname Tricky Stany from Trickystan. When Catherine (age 10) asked him where he was from and declined to believe he was from Trickystan, he got seriously outraged: “What? Do you not know of my country?”

This lovely man has now made a new GM-norm. So of course I strong armed him into writing an article for us (and may have lied when I said I had connections that would finally see the UK establish diplomatic connections with Trickystan).

Download the article here, please: Trekking Towards the TITLE.

3 thoughts on “Trekking towards the title”

  1. A nice article emphasizing an important part of having success in chess which is often neglected.
    Personal fitness, ability to concentrate, stubbornness, “sitzfleisch”, creativity – all these are aspects influencing your game most of the time more than the newest deviation in the Najdorf on move 29 or a 14-move combination you couldn’t calculate. Unfortunately there’s not much help to be found in most chess books. Maybe with the exception of TITB by Jacob.

  2. Will you write anything on the recent training camp, and if the May one will occur? I saw on your webpage you intended to open registration for it over a month ago, but so far as I can see have not.

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