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  1. Great stuff! Got as far as hoping for the wrong capture on move 2 as my last roll of the dice but never found the draw in the other line and may well have resigned at that point if they made the correct capture.
    Did you present this as “find the draw?” or “what’s the evaluation” when you gave it to the group? If you know there is a defence you keep looking where you normally would give up. Might be better for training without clues. Reminded me of a Judit game from long ago when you had to sac half your material to prevent mate but came out on top when the dust settled
    Ps what was the game reference.? Thanks

  2. i did not calculate the variations. But as Bxb3 is the only move that doesnt loose straight away it has to be played as ” a desperado”. Then move after move maybe you can reach the draw position.
    I am pretty sure that Under heavy time pressure a large majority of players will play Bxb3 without calculating as it has all of a blitz move.

  3. Problem 26 in “Calculation” – Kd4 is good, but another solid line is Rc2, after which taking the bishop by black is completely losing.

  4. I must have been hallucinating looking for a brilliancy. I thought that Ab4!! was a good move until I realised that the bishop was on e6 instead of f5 😀

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