Chessable – Updated ‘Woodpecking’ Functionality

Many of you have bought our books (and no doubt some other publications) on the Chessable platform. We like what Chessable are doing and we plan to make more books available on their format. Considering that the concept of “spaced repetition” is central to their approach, it is no surprise that The Woodpecker Method has been an especially big hit with the Chessable audience.

Yesterday, Chessable informed us of an important new technical feature which will enhance the user experience, especially with the Woodpecker and other exercise books. See their blog post for a full explanation. To summarize it briefly, you can now customize the number of days and intervals between solving cycles in a way that was not possible before. This obviously fits perfectly with the method advocated by Smith and Tikkanen, but it’s a useful feature for other books too, and we applaud them for continually improving their product. Once again, we encourage anyone interested in Chessable to check out their blog post for a more technical description of the recent upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Chessable – Updated ‘Woodpecking’ Functionality”

  1. There is an obvious error in woodpecker method book. and surprisingly no one mention it.
    If the firs cycle is 4 weeks and the last cycle is 1 day. it would be just 6 cycles not 7 !
    cycle 1 = 4 weeks
    cycle 2 = 2 weeks
    cycle 3 = 1 week
    cycle 4 = 4 or 3 days
    cycle 5 = 2 days
    cycle 6 = 1 day

    the method is great but it is in 6 cycles. please modify the introduction of the book for new edition

  2. @Morteza
    No, there is no error in the instruction on p 26. In Step 5 it says “The Woodpecker Method has been completed when the full set of exercises has been solved in one day – OR after the 7th cycle, if you are unable to solve the set in a day.”

    I agree with you that the method is great. I will now start my 5th cycle. Everytime so far I reduced my cycle time by 20% on the earlier one. I am happy with that result, given that I have an ELO <1400 and that my set comprises 400 exercises.

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