Chessable – Chess Structures by Flores Rios

Today Chessable released another of our books in their format – Chess Structures by Mauricio Flores Rios. Mauricio put a huge effort into creating the structure and content of his book, and Chessable have also put in a special effort – they have added over 600 trainable exercises with annotations. I am reliably informed that this is by far the biggest upgrade that Chessable has given any book.

As usual with Chessable, there is a discount available for the first ten days, so if you are interested, go for it soon.

2 thoughts on “Chessable – Chess Structures by Flores Rios”

  1. This leads to the question; what has happened to this guy? He writes one very well received book and vanishes (pretty much), where are the three other books he should have published by now?

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