The Nemesis – an excerpt

We have been keeping our heads down, trying to finish books. And the results are on the way. I will say more tomorrow, but for today we have an excerpt of The Nemesis – Geller’s Greatest Games.

This is a big book – 480 pages. And it’s the first time all Efim Geller’s annotations of his own games have been published in English. Some have been in English before, but Russian Chess House gathered many Russian-language sources, including two books and many magazines, to create the definitive complete collection. Our new book is an original English translation of that work.

As is our normal practice with non-opening books, we will release this book first in hardcover only. The predicted publication date is July 31. I hope you enjoy the book.

12 thoughts on “The Nemesis – an excerpt”

  1. Permission to shout “Bravo” at an annoyingly loud volume, sir.
    For anyone who has studied the „Application of Chess Theory“, this book will be
    close to a heavenly experience. Thank you!

  2. Looking forward to it.

    Are there any plans to do a translation of Yuri Razuvaev’s book on Akiba Rubinstein? I have been curious about it ever since Boris Gelfand mentioned it in Positional Decision Making in Chess. Also, can you tell us the timeline of publication for the Chess from Scratch series? Will the first book be published this year and the rest in 2020?

  3. I spotted a typo in the excerpt. Page 258, left column, under the diagram, “But an improvement for White is 16.Qxd4 fxg4” should be fxg5.
    I hope this was in time to correct it.

  4. Peter Mijnheer

    Geller is one of my favorites, also have his book ‘application of chess theory’.
    Is the book really available at the end of this month?

    Thanks, and compliments for your work.

  5. Jan B – thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately the book was already being printed by the time you commented, but we have noted the correction for any future reprint.

    And Peter – yes, the book will be in the shops on 31 July.

  6. This book is “Application of chess theory” plus 35 additional games, with some software based additional comments in italics. Mostly these comments are fairly light weight. Very nice book and definitely the best one on Geller now.

    Would like to see Kotov’s work on Alekhine translated into english completely. At the moment, like for most Russian books, only a slim edited highlights is available. Don’t expect it will ever be an economically viable project though.

  7. A splendid book !
    Geller against Scheveningen sicilian is a must .
    Nice to see his game vs Anikaev which is the very first game of him i looked at as a beginner .

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