Quality Chess quiz – 2020 Candidates

Let’s hope the Candidates tournament goes ahead without any disruptions from viruses or anything else – let’s keep the drama on the chessboard. So we will continue our tradition of having a quiz before major events, so you can either show your expertise or guess wildly.

Winner gets 10 Quality Chess books (you choose 5 we choose 5) and one month free subscription of 365 Chess Academy. Runner-up gets one month free subscription of 365 Chess Academy.

Please make sure to enter before the event kicks off – Round 1 is scheduled for March 17, at 11.00 UTC. Enter by clicking on the following quiz link and selecting your answers. Only one entry per person, thanks.

15 thoughts on “Quality Chess quiz – 2020 Candidates”

  1. Yepp these quizzes are a good tradition and although I never won, probably never will win as well, I enjoy participation. Up to now. This time however, I have a problem. You ask me to participate through a Google account. Seriously? I believe in a lot of things, like four-eyes-principle, Eintracht Frankfurt and so on, but I do not believe in G… or in F….

    So if you can make it happen that I may participate without giving any data to G I am more then happy join the fun.

  2. @Hesse_Bub

    Sorry, but using the Google form and account makes it a lot easier to handle from this side, for various technical reasons, I am told.

    William :
    What if we already have the 5 books that you choose?

    In this scenario you have already won the quiz and are happy with your 5 chosen free books. Then you give away your other 5 free books to deserving friends.

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  5. i heard that from fide regulation if 50% of the tounament was played before interuption, the final standing can be validated – that means MVL goes to world championship match against MC.
    Is that true ?

  6. Jacob Aagaard

    First off, Nepomniachtchi has the better tiebreak. Secondly, the event was always meant to be concluded later, if adjourned.

    The competition ends when the tournament ends!

  7. @Jacob Aagaard

    MVL has the better tiebreak since he beat Nepomniachtchi in their direct encounter. Excerpt from the official regulations:

    4. 8. 2. Tie-breaks
    If two (2) or more players score the same number of points, the tie is decided by the following criteria, in order of priority:
    a) The results of the games between the players involved in the tie.
    b) Each tied player’s total number of wins in the tournament.
    c) Sonneborn-Berger System


    @Jacob Aagaard

    From FIDE’s documentation, the highest-priority tiebreak is “(a) The results of the games between the players involved in the tie.” This clearly goes to MVL, as he won their individual game. Further tiebreaks are irrelevant.

    However, I agree that the only standings that matter are those at the end of the event, and we can hope that the end of this event is yet to come.

  9. An Ordinary Chessplayer

    @John Shaw – Yes, Google is almost painless. They use plenty of lubricant. Of course it is only free for personal use, businesses are expected to pay. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just have a form on the blog. Modify a “contact” form to be a survey form. If you are worried about ease of use on your end, simply format the “contact” email to be in csv format. Copy/paste into spreadsheet software, done. This page explains how to create a contact form for free, it’s no harder than using Google forms: https://websitesetup.org/contact-form-wp-website/

  10. Not sure we even found out the winner of the candidates quiz but any chance of a wc quiz? Not too fussed about a prize but just for the bragging rights even though I’ve been singularly unsuccessful in previous ones.??

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