Meet Michael Adams in London!

As Michael wrote on his website, “I am very much looking forward to an evening of chess at the excellent London Mind Sports Centre, home of the Hammersmith Chess Club. The event begins at 19.30 on Monday 26th September. More details are in this blog.”

Signed copies of ‘Think Like a Super-GM’ will be available for purchase.

The following afternoon, Tuesday 27th September, Michael will be at The Chess & Bridge Shop from 14.00 – 16.00, for Book Signing & Blitz Chess Challenge, completely free and open to all. Availability is subject to time permitting, so go early!


17 thoughts on “Meet Michael Adams in London!”

  1. Hi Richie,

    While I would not plug any material by any other site, I just wanted to let you know that I found a good QGA course from September 22 at a site called Modern Chess.

    They did a class of 5 lectures (7 hours) plus a chunky pgn discussing modern trends in the QGA. I found it very enjoyable. Perhaps since this QGA book is published that may be something for you to investigate.

    Anyway, thank you.


  2. Seems like the output from QC have seriously diminished over the last few years. It seems from an outsider looking in companies like Chessable seem to be growing and their output is huge.

    Again from an outsider looking in it seems as Chessable/Thinkers grow QC seems to be dying away??

    Sad but seems true.

  3. @The Doctor
    Yes it seems to me Chessable has if not killed off the opening book put it on life support. And opening books were mainstay of chess publishing industry. Only opening book QC has published in last 12 months was a chessable conversion.

    So I think you’ll see fewer quality opening books outside the database dumps. And fewer books overall as opening books were a chunk of the market.

  4. It’s nothing like as bad as all that, although we appreciate your concern. It just happened that we published several non-opening books in a row. Right now I’m nearing the end of editing the upcoming Sveshnikov Sicilian book, and after that I’ll be straight on to Nikos’s long-awaited 1.c4 repertoire.

  5. @Andrew Greet
    Agreed. I think there will always be a need for good quality books as produced by QC. Chessable courses are good, but they do not cover everything. Opening books can date in view of the advent of online databases, but books on good technique will always be welcome. Bearing in mind the fact that Mickey Adam’s book won the Book of the Year award, it does suggest that good books and QC will be around for quite a while yet.
    On another point I will be interested to see both Nikos’s 1c4 book, and the Sveshnikov book.

  6. A couple of points.

    I am QC’s biggest fan do hope they do continue. Just a little disappointed by the lack of output recently.

    A point on the Sveshnikov book. I’m sure it will be a book that will cover positions starting in move 6 for White.

    I’d really like to see books on the Sicilian cover all moves. For example QC book on the Anti-Sicilians doesn’t cater for Kan/Taimanov players too well who prefer 2..e6 after 2 Nc3, also in the chapter on 2 Nf3 e6 completely ignores the move 3 Nc3!!

    This is where I liked the Chessable courses, particularly the Taimanov & Kan LTR which gave Anti-Sicilians that suited a specific style in Open system i.e. 2..e6 v 2 Nc3.

  7. @The Doctor
    I think in general- not just QC – anti-Sicilian books are very badly done as they try to be all things to all people, and end up pleasing no-one. The variation of anti-Sicilian you feel comfortable playing is going to be dictated by what main line you are playing.

    So I agree with what you say.

  8. Andrew Greet :
    Right now I’m nearing the end of editing the upcoming Sveshnikov Sicilian book, and after that I’ll be straight on to Nikos’s long-awaited 1.c4 repertoire.

    Hi Andrew
    The new Sveshnikov book. Who is the author?
    Kotronias did a great book in 2014 (8years ago – time flies!)
    I think it will be hard to beat. Has theory changed that much?
    Perhaps it will be not a GM repertoire book, hence target audience lower rating.
    I have this Sicilian in my repertoire, unsure whether to get this new book.
    Has theory changed much is last 8 years?
    Any thoughts? All comments by bloggers welcome.

  9. Rather than publishing book already been done we’re all crying out for a classical Sicilian book!!! Please give the people what they want ?

  10. George Hollands

    I understand the above comments re the perception of lower output from QC this last year.

    They have been much less active on this blog in general and publishing schedule updates have been sparse. The website still links to a 2021 catalogue when we will be entering 2023 soon.

    Some projects mentioned above have fallen by the wayside, such as the QGA book.

    However, I count 8 books released by QC so far this calendar year. In previous years there have been 10-12 ish, so with a couple more due out no doubt before Christmas then we’re not far off.

    I suspect (hope) the downturn in engagement is because the QC team are extremely busy working on making 2023 a record-breaking year in terms of output. For sure I would feel a huge sense of loss should QC reduce output whilst the team move on to other projects.

    Let’s hope for a 2023 catalogue soon to whet our appetites for the foreseeable future!

  11. @Ed

    Yes, theory has changed a lot in the Svesnikov. Just think of the 7.Nd5 line which became popular after the worldchampionship. Especially in a dynamic opening like the Svesnikov the improvement are numerous. It is more the question whether the theory is up to date on the day the book will be published.

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