ECF Book of the Year!

Congratulations to Mickey Adams and Philip Hurtado, whose Think Like a Super-GM won top prize as the English Chess Federation’s 2022 Book of the Year. You can read the ECF judges’ full remarks at the previous link, but a few highlights are:

“The two authors, in conjunction with the publisher, have produced a book of great interest and originality… The production of the book is to a high standard, so the book is a pleasure to handle and read… A very worthy Book of the Year. The information required to think like a Super GM can be found in this book – all that remains is to become one!”

A brief mention also for Analyzing the Chess Mind by Boris Gulko and Joel Sneed, which won a place in the 4-book shortlist as a book that is “both instructive and very readable.” Two QC books in the final four was pleasing, especially as we are only allowed to nominate two books.

3 thoughts on “ECF Book of the Year!”

  1. Congratulations to the authors and QC. It´s well deserved and I would be more than happy to see a second volume. 🙂

  2. Hello. I am a French journalist. I work for the sports newspaper L’Equipe and I am preparing a portrait of Hans Niemann. I would like to talk to you about him. Let me know if it’s possible. Thank you

  3. John Christopher Simmons

    I haven’t even opened “Think Like a Super-GM” yet, but find it hard to believe better than “A Matter of Endgame Technique”, which would get my vote for book of the decade. It is quite funny really that I seem to be the biggest fan of that book when am optimistically a Fide 2000 level player, which was the target level of the endgame book. Aiming to make the endgame my special area of study, since enjoyed Hawkins book “Amateur to IM”. It must be working to some extent because can solve the two easiest level exercises quite comfortably. Haven’t even attempted harder yet. Didn’t want to dent my enthusiasm.

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