Quiz – Final Answers

I have put the final answers into the Quiz excel sheet, so you can all see how well you did. The rules for the quiz were given in this post.

Please feel welcome to check if I got anything wrong!! It is certainly not impossible. After considering any complaints we will officially announce the winner at the end of this week.

The answers are:

All these questions relate to the classical games. If you believe the match will end in a play-off, choose 13 in question two.

1. Who will be the next World Champion, Carlsen or Karjakin? Carlsen

2. How many days of play will there be played in the match (7-13)? 13

3. Which classical game will be the first decisive game (0=no decisive games)? 8

4. Will any game reach a position with Mate in 3 moves on the board? no

5. How many pawns will be promoted? 0

6. Will any official complaints be filed by either player? no

7. How many en-passants will there be? 0

8. Which first move by White will be played in the first decisive game? d4

9. How many draws in 30 moves or less will there be? 1

10. How many decisive games over 60 moves will there be? 1

11. How many wins for White? 1

12. How many wins for Black? 1

13. How many games will end with both queens on the board? 4

14. How many moves will be played in the shortest game? 30

15. How many moves will be played in the longest game? 94

12 thoughts on “Quiz – Final Answers”

  1. As a co-winner of the previous quiz I can say that one was much harder 😀 As I can see I scored 7 points which is decent result 🙂 …but predicting one win for Black with only one win for White is very tough, and the fact 1.d4 was played in the first decisive game seems to be a big surprise to me.
    The only thing I could do better is 14th question where I forgot the players can’t offer a draw before move 30, of course there could be some move repetition but had I recalled that rule I would bet on 30 rather than 27.

  2. Did rubbish as usual but thanks for all the quizzes Jacob and team. Doesn’t change my score but I know there will be protests from participants who nearly won as I think Magnus put in an official complaint (and won on appeal) about the amount of his fine for missing the press conference. Not sure if you think this qualifies for Q6.

    Well done whoever wins and roll on the next quiz…

  3. Let’s not waste any time on lawsuits and petty discussions over a quiz. Congratulations to J.A. Topfke with the win, and if I decide to cry over the fact that he beat me in the tie-break with one move I will do so while reading my own copy of the greatest freakin’ book ever written on chess, Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual!

    Have a nice Christmas 🙂

  4. Jerry Snitselaar

    @Jacob Aagaard

    I just read your article about Dvoretsky in the latest NiC. A very nice tribute. It would appear we might have the possibility of being graced with one more work by Dvoretsky. 64.ru has a review of a book of his named Lessons of Mastery:


    I’d read mention of this book earlier this year in an interview he did, so hopefully it will find its way to an English translation.

    Any possibilities of a collaboration of Yusupov and yourself bringing Mark’s position collection to the world? 🙂

  5. Jerry Snitselaar

    @jackson there was a new Russian edition recently (July 2016), but I don’t know if that is a 5th edition, or is the equivalent to the 4th edition. From this page for the Russian book, the bit of the foreword that is given sounds similar to the 4th edition English. He talks about adding 200 diagrams to make easier to work through without a board.

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